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Sourdough Cinnamon Raisin/Cranberry Bread

This is my Sourdough take on a classic. I love it, and more importantly my kids love it. Sourdough Cinnamon Raisin loaves are really nice to have around the house and stocked up in the freezer. While not as versatile as a lot of other breads, they work great on their own as a nice quick breakfast. I try to always keep some sliced up and ready to go in the freezer. 

As with most of these recipes that have additions in them, I encourage you to play around with different percentages of additives. I have played around with everything from 15% raisins to 40%. I have kind of settled into 30% for now...but I'm sure I'll keep bouncing around depending on the day. One thing to note about cinnamon is that will slow down your fermentation. You can accommodate this few different ways. You can raise your fermentation temperature (Proofer is great for this); you can raise your inoculation %, or you can just allow for more time during your Bulk Fermentation period.

I also like to blend raisins and cranberries together for these loaves. It adds a bit of colour and since most cranberries are sweetened I think I helps counteract the fermentation delay from the cinnamon. I have used a 50/50 blend of the two for the laminated loaf in this post.

You have two options on how you can incorporate the cinnamon and raisins into the dough. You can either mix them in at the same stage as the salt, or you can wait a little bit longer and laminate them into the dough for a "marbled" look. If done well there will not really be much change in the taste. The mixed method tends to come out looking more even and the dough has a nice darker colour to it, whereas the laminated method can look really cool with everything swirled together. The laminated method does seem to ferment a little quicker than mixed because the cinnamon get added later in the process and some of the dough has very little contact with the cinnamon.

Below, I've referred to Loaf "A"as the laminated method; mixed filling is Loaf "B".


Ingredients (One Loaf)

  • 360g (80%) Robin Hood All-Purpose

  • 90g (20%) Anitas Whole Wheat Flour

  • 360g (80%) Water

  • 9g (2%) Salt

  • 96g (21.3%) Levain

  • 9g (2%) Cinnamon

  • 135g (30%) Hydrated Raisins (or a mix of raisins and cranberries)


8:00am- Levain Build with 15g Starter, 45g warm water, 45g Flour blend (75% White, 25% Dark Rye

10:30am-Autolyse with 340g of the water

12:00pm- Mix in 96g of Levain

12:30pm- Loaf "A": Mix in Salt  with the remaining 30g of water

                 Loaf "B": Mix in Salt, 30g water, Cinnamon & Raisins

1:00pm- Coil Fold

1:30pm- Loaf "A": Laminate the Cinnamon and Raisins into the dough

               Loaf "B": Coil Fold

2:00pm- Coil Fold

2:45pm- Coil Fold

3:30pm- Coil Fold

7:30pm- Shape, put into Banneton, cover dough with a plastic bag and put in the fridge overnight

8:00am- Preheat Challenger Pan to 500F

8:30am- Score the dough and Bake at 450F for 22 minutes with the lid on then 20 minutes with the lid off. Add an ice cube just before putting the lid on for some extra steam.

Notes: This formula will make one loaf of bread. Choose which method you want to use and go for it! Or make one of each like I did and decide which one you like more! Laminated filling is Loaf "A"; mixed filling is Loaf "B". When Laminating the dough try to spread it out as thin as possible to get a nice even look and to avoid having any large sections of plain dough. Wet the counter, wet your hands and take your time.

Remember about the slower fermentation when dealing with Cinnamon and Sourdough.

Here is a video of how I laminate the Cinnamon and Raisins into the dough. This was from another bake that used the same formula but without the cranberries.


Your fermentation times may vary depending on a lot of different factors. Use these times for the folding and the duration of the Bulk Fermentation only as a guideline. What worked for me may need to be tweaked a little bit for your bake.


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Sep 22, 2020

Apologies! I just now realized your name is Brendan and Calvin is the starter. But if Calvin could talk, I bet he could also give me some good SD advice!


Sep 22, 2020

Hello Calvin - I'm new to SD baking and just found your site. For the lamination method, is it possible to sprinkle on cinnamon sugar (like for cinnamon rolls) or does it have to be just the cinnamon (and raisins)? I wasn't sure if the sugar would interfere with fermentation or might just dissolve in the dough and cause problems. Thanks very much!

- jo

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