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Here's a list of some of my favourite recipes/formulas. This will be a growing list as I'm always experimenting and trying to dial in the right numbers for ingredient combinations that work for me

Putting this section together was the reason I wanted to start this website in the first place. The past few years I've been obsessively taking notes and photos with almost every bake. Recording the details has helped a tremendous amount in my baking progress. I was able to make small adjustments to the hydration level, the amount of roasted garlic, or how many cranberries I needed to add in compared to last time I tried. So with all these notes adding up I figured it was time to put them up on a platform that will hopefully help a few people. Enjoy!

I've divided the recipes into three categories:

Classic Sourdough Wheat Bread- Different variations of wheat blends, styles and hydration levels

Sourdough Bread with Additives- All kinds of combinations and ideas for your future bakes

Other Recipes and Fermentation- Sourdough discard recipes, other breads, and fermentation projects

Take notes as you bake, record the results, add comments!

Classic Sourdough Wheat Breads

Nothing extra added to the inside of these loaves, just a variety of white and different whole wheat flours

Wheat Breads

Sourdough Bread with Additions

This is where the experimentation begins! Here you'll find all of my loaves with extra ingredients added into the mix. Let me know if theres something you want me to try out!


Other Recipes and Fermentation

Here I've included some of my favourite recipes that aren't Sourdough loaves. Some of them use old discarded Sourdough, some are just other great fermentation projects

Other recipes
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