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100% Whole Wheat Sourdough

Every once in awhile I like baking these loaves using only whole wheat flours. These definitely are not what you are imagining when you hear "Sandwich Loaf". They are pretty dense, hearty little bricks, but super healthy and packed full of flavour! My kids actually love them too, so that's a bonus. They make for great french toast, grilled cheese and of course, sandwiches! I've had varying success with hydration levels from 85%-100%. I usually blend a bunch of different flours each time and regardless of what varieties you use it is going to be good!


Ingredients (One Loaf)

  • 200g (40%) Wholefoods Whole Wheat

  • 200g (40%) Nunweilers Red Fife

  • 100g (20%) Nunweilers Kamut Khorasan

  • 425g (85%) Water

  • 10g (2%) Salt

  • 100g (20%) Levain


10:00am- Levain Build with 15g starter: 45g warm water: 45g Flour blend (75% White, 25% Dark Rye)

1:30pm- Autolyse with 420g of the water

2:15pm- Mix in 100g of Levain

2:45pm- Mix in Salt  with 5g of Water

3:15pm- Coil Fold

3:45pm- Coil Fold

4:15pm- Coil Fold

5:00pm- Coil Fold

6:15pm- Coil Fold, pick dough up and place in a bread tin (see video below)

7:15pm- Dough goes into the fridge covered with a plastic bag overnight

8:00am- Preheat Challenger Pan to 550°F

8:45am- Bake with the Tin inside the Challenger pan. 450°F for 22 minutes with the lid on and 20 minutes with the lid off. Add an ice cube for extra steam.


  • You can score these or leave them to burst open on their own

  • These can get pretty soupy sometimes! They do not act the same as a loaf that has some nice strong White flour to hold it together. I like to really stretch these as much as I can, a lot of times I do double Coil Folds (by that I mean back to back folds). I refer to one Coil Fold as folding in all 4 directions, but for these I do a coil fold and then do it 8 folds.

  • You can push the hydration levels really high on these loaves, I've gone as high as 100% but I find I get better results down around 85% instead (with these flours anyways). Instead of shaping the dough and placing upside down in a Banneton I place it right side up in a Bread Tin that has been lined with a strip of parchment paper (scroll down for a photo). I like to put it in right after my last Coil Fold and then finish up the Bulk Fermentation in the Tin. It doesn't really have to be pretty, just tuck it in as best as possible and the Tin will do the rest of the work.


Here is a video demonstration of how I put my dough into the bread tins. I simply incorporate it into the final Coil Fold and then let the Bulk Fermentation continue while in the bread tin.

Your fermentation times may vary depending on a lot of different factors. Use these times for the folding and the duration of the Bulk Fermentation only as a guideline. What worked for me may need to be tweaked a little bit for your bake.


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09 jul 2021

PLEASE, please. I am desperatly wanting Sour Dough Bread as you have directed "same day" I do not know "g" (grams etc.) to convert to " cups etc. " and most Americans will agree, it is so easy for you and others to show both in instuctions.

Me gusta
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