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Sourdough Starters

Learn how to build and maintain your very own little sourdough starter. This is what will power your breads and other baked goods. It's not very hard to do, it just takes a bit of patience and consistency.

Beginner's Guide To Sourdough

There are tons of ways to make bread! I've experimented a lot and this is my favourite way. This is a step by step breakdown from start to finish. Once you can do this you'll be able to apply it to almost every recipe on this website. 

Tools, Books & Resources

There's a wide range of tools, utensils and equipment used for baking great bread at home. Some of the items are very important to have, others are simply nice to have around. I've included brief descriptions and links of where to find them.


This is an ever-growing list of recipes I've been working with. I'm going to keep updating the list and tweaking the recipes over time. They all follow the same basic process, so once you can make one you can tackle any of them!

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