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Calvin's Odyssey

When I began recording my bakes in a simple spiral notebook, I decided to title the collection "Calvin's Odyssey" as a bit of a laugh. The name stuck however, and now after a few different variations (notebooks, Word documents, and back to notebooks), and hundreds of bakes, I've decided to continue Calvin's journey through this online platform. 

This is a collection of my posts in chronological order. Some of these bakes will likely make it into the recipe section, some won't. Some posts might not even be about my baking, but chances are there will always be some sort of connection to Sourdough, fermentation, or making great food! I'll try my best to keep this updated regularly. Enjoy!


Homemade Greek Yogurt

Now I know it's not Sourdough, but this homemade yogurt is fermented, and does require a "starter", plus it's going to be as good or...

Cranberry Walnut Sourdough

Cranberry Walnut is one of my favourite combinations for sourdough bread. The flavour is great, the walnuts are a nice addition to the...

Same Day Sourdough Bread

I decided to address the fact that I basically always do an overnight cold proof in the fridge before baking. I like doing that because...

50/50 Sourdough Bread

Lately I have been leaning towards loaves that are an even split between white flour and whole wheat. I find them to be very predictable...

My Basic Sourdough Bread

If you click HERE you will see that I do a deep dive into this recipe from start to finish. This is a summary of the same recipe that I...

Sourdough Porridge Loaf

Porridge (also known as Oatmeal) loaves are really nice to have around the house. Because of the higher water content from the oatmeal...

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